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Just a minute


Every player gets a sheet of paper and makes a table with the followings columns - town/city, country, name, river, etc. The first player says go and another counts the alphabet up or downwards in mind till the first player says "Stop". Then the letter is announced and every player has one minute time or one player has found a word for every column. Then you get points for the words you have found. Don't forget to set the number of rounds before you start.

Here is a suggestion for giving points: 

  • for the word in a column where no other player has one - 40
  • for the player that has a word in every column - 30
  • for the word that no other player has - 20
  • for the word that another player has - 10

Educational objective:

  • repeat and strengthen certain word fields
  • strengthen spelling


  • alter the columns to your needs
  • alter the points to your needs


  • frontal
  • circle