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Go fishing


A few student sit in a circle. There are a some word cards on a pile in the middle (" a dog", "a cat", "a bar of chocolate", "a computer") and every player has 10 of those cards but keeps them secret. Every card is twice in the set.
Player 1 asks any other player: "Have you got ... (e.g. a dog)?"
If yes, player 2 has to hand that card to player 1 and is the next who can ask.
If no, player 2 says "Go fishing." Player 1 has to take a card from the pile. Player 2 goes on.
If you have a pair, you can put it down.
The goal is to have only pairs left and have no cards in your hand.

From Lena Libuda

Educational objective:

  • repeat vocabulary
  • practise vocabulary


  • circle