English Materials by Torsten Schulz
  • Vocabulary Trainer
    This is a freeware vocabulary trainer for windows. There are various types of tests. It's main goal is to support lessons. Extensive dictionaries are already included for the following languages: German - English, German - Italian, German - French, German - Spanish, German - Latin, German - Danish, German - Hungarian and German - Norwegian. It runs under Win3.1, WfW3.11, Win95 und NT4.0.

  • Teachmaster
    This is a freeware vocabulary trainer for windows. It provides different types of learning strategies.

  • Hotpotatoes
    It's a freeware utility to make all sorts of exercises. Therefor it uses JavaScript. The program itself runs under Windows. Export to WebCT is also possible.

  • jDictionary
    This is a free dictionary for Java (Thus it runs under most operating systems). There is an excellent online plugin (access to Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictinary, WordNet English Lexical Database, FOLDOC Dictionary of Computing, VERA Acronym Dictionary), a very good offline plugin English-German (125.000 words and expressions), and many other languages plugins (English-Spanish, English-Serbian, English-Hungarian, French-Hungarian and Germany-Hungarian). You need or can download a Java Runtime and you can either download the plugins or install them online.