English Materials by Torsten Schulz
  • ESLPodcast
    Covers a great variety of topics. Every programme (three times a week) has a short monologue or dialogue. Explanations of words and phrases are given in English at the end. Transcipts of the talk is attached to each podcast. You have to pay a small amount if you would like to have more material.

  • English Teacher John Snow
    Covers a wide variety of topics. Also holds grammar lessons.

  • English Idioms and Slang
    Short talks about certain idioms and slang phrases.

  • EnglishPod Learn Advanced English
    Transcripts of the programmes are attached to the podcast.

  • goFluent's English in the Real World
    This weekly podcast provides a lead in and vocabulary in the first part and goes into real life in the second in the following fields: travel, business, academic, general English. They also offer additional services.

  • FTD-business English
    Provides Financial Times background information and analysis in English. Vocabulary and phrases are explained in German.

  • Learn English at Better at English
    You will find language lessons with pronunciation, explanations and its usage usually in a two-minute-podcast.