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Prüfungsvorbereitung Englisch

Schriftliche Abschlußprüfung Englisch



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Die schriftliche Abschlußprüfung besteht aus vier Teilen:
I. Nachweis des Leseverständnisses
II. Sinngemäßes Übertragen in die deutsche Sprache
III. Nachweis von Kenntnissen in Lexik und Grammatik
IV. Gelenktes und freies Schreiben
Vor der planmäßigen Arbeitszeit stehen Ihnen 15 Minuten zum Vertrautmachen mit den Aufgaben zur Verfügung. Die Arbeitszeit zur Lösung aller Aufgaben beträgt 120 Minuten.
Für die Lösung der Teile I und III benutzen Sie bitte das beiliegende Arbeitsblatt
Sie dürfen folgende Hilfsmittel verwenden:
- Wörterbuch Englisch/Deutsch
- schulübliches Nachschlagewerk zur Grammatik
- Wörterbuch der deutschen Rechtschreibung

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Read the text.

The Old Blacksmith's Shop

As soon as you hear the name Gretna Green, you think of runaway marriages. The first rush started in 1753, when a new Law in England passed by Lord Hardwicke made these marriages illegal.
It did not take long for young couples to realise that as soon as they crossed the Scottish border nothing could prevent their marriage. The Scottish Law demanded only that the couple proclaimed in front of two witnesses that they wanted to get married. From that moment on this marriage was recognized as legal in all countries.
From the beginning of the 18th century it was mostly the blacksmith who functioned as "Anvil Priest" this is why the anvil is the symbol of Gretna Green.
One of the oldest marriage certificates, dated 11th June 1772, belongs to Mr. Houston, the proprietor of the famous Old Blacksmith's Shop. One of the last Anvil Priests, Mr. Rennison married 5147 couples over the anvil.
These weddings caused a lot of complaints in the church and this wedding business was considered scandalous and immoral. Lots of stories can be told of parents, hopping mad, often armed with a gun, who arrived in Scotland in carriages or on horseback trying to stop the marriage of their runaway children. But mostly they were too late, and the marriage had taken place. In 1857 a new law was proclaimed, according to which a couple could only get married if one of them had taken up residence for 21 days prior to the weddings. This of course brought a reduction in marriages.
Later on, the church again brought pressure on parliament. Since 1940 all Anvil Marriages havo been illegal. But all the same, one still hears of Gretna Green marriages - because in England one has to be 18 before one can get married without one's parents' permission, whilst in Scotland the age for this is 16.
Today the ceremony normally takes place in church or at the registry office. However, many young couples after their official wedding, come to the OId Blacksmith's Marriage Room to repeat there the traditional Scottish oath.
(adapted from information material Visitor Centre Gretna Green)

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a) Decide whether the statements below are true, false or not in the text.
Note: All answers must be related to the text.
b) Match the right parts according to the text.
c) Find the statements in the text and write them down in English.
Use the worksheet.
Teil II
Write down the main ideas of the text in complete German sentences.
Kingdom of Scotland
These are to certify to all whom they may concern:
That Mister Andrew Smith and Miss Jenny Powell
being both here present, and having declared that
they are single persons, have now been married
after the manner of the Laws of Scotland: As
witness our hands at the Old Blacksmith's Shop.
Gretna, this day of June 5th, 1776
Andrew Smith Jenny Powell John Morgan (Priest)
Georg Sailor(Witness) Kate Ashley(Witness)

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Teil III
Fill in correctly.
Use the worksheet.
Teil IV
IV.1 Choose a or b.
a) Express in English.
1. Erkundigen Sie sich, wie man von Gretna Green nach Glasgow kommt.
2. Fragen Sie, wann der nächste Bus fährt.
3. Fragen Sie, ob Sie umsteigen müssen.
4. Fragen Sie, was die Fahrt kostet.
5. Sagen Sie, daß Sie noch Geld tauschen müssen.
b) Imagine you stay with a host family in Scotland. You help to prepare a farewell
party. Complete the dialogue. Write down your part in English.
Host: How nice of you to help me with the party.
1. You: Das mache ich doch gern, weil ich Partys mag.
Host: What do you think we'll need?
2. You: Ich denke, wir sollten verschiedene Salate anbieten. Vielleicht kann ich einen Kartoffelsalat zubereiten.
Host: That's a good idea. l'm going to buy something to drink
3. You: Können wir noch einmal ,,shortbread" backen? Das war so lecker.
Host: Certainly. Let's ask the others what they want to do.
IV.2 Choose a or b.
Write an essay of about 100 words. Count your words.
a) Think of some problems, concerns or interests teenagers might have nowadays.
Explain your opinion.
b) Think of a person you admire. Write about him/her and give reasons why.

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Name, Vorname: ______________________________ Klasse: _______
Teil I
a) Decide whether the statements below are true, false or not in the text.
Note: All answers must be related to the text.
true  false  not in the text 
1.  Runaway marriages were forbidden in England 200 years ago. 
2.  Parents offen tried to prevent their children from marrying. 
3.  In England you are now allowed to marry earlier than in Scotland. 
4.  A law demanded the use of wedding rings. 
5.  Some parents behaved like being crazy. 
6.  For about 60 years everybody has been able to have an Anvil Marriage. 
7.  An angry father shot a priest. 
b) Match the right parts according to the text. Use the table.
1. Young couples came to Gretna Green
2. The church complained
3. Only a few fathers succeeded in
a) to get divorced.
b) because they wanted to marry without permission.
c) stopping the marriage ceremony.
d) and wanted to end these weddings.
e) because of their runaway children.

Arbeitsblatt Seite 2

c) Find the statements in the text and write them down.
Which statement in the text teils you that:
- these marriages are invalid nowadays?
- there had to be two other people present and not only the couple?
Teil III
Fill in correctly.
1. Today there is a museum complex in Gretna Green ...................................... shows the anvil
                                                                                            (who / whose / which)
and ........................................... nice souvenirs are sold.
        (where / wear / we're)
2. Recently a fine art gallery ............................................................... .
                                                (was opened / opens / will be opened)
3. After ............................................... the gallery the tourists
                (visit / visiting / visited)
can .................................................... craftsmen at work.
        (watch / watching / watched)
4. So the visitors only need a short time to look .................................. unusual gifts.
                                                                                    (after / for / up)


Teil I: 12
Teil II: 5
Teil III: 6
Teil IV.1: 10
Teil IV.2: 15