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Schriftliche Abschlussprüfung Englisch

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Teil I (7 BE)

Read the text.
Solve the tasks on the worksheet.
(Benutzen Sie das beiliegende Arbeitsblatt.)



When you go to a college or high school sports event, you see cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are male and female. They dress in the colors of their team. They jump and dance in front of the crowd and shout the name of their team. Their job is to excite the crowd. Everybody makes a lot of noise. They want their team to win the game. 
The first cheerleader was a man. In 1898, Johnny Campbell jumped in front of the crowd at the University of Minnesota and shouted for his team. He shouted, "Hoo-rah Minn-e-so-tah!" This was the first organized shout, or "yell". For the next thirty-two
years cheerleaders were men only. Women were not cheerleaders until 1930. Today cheerleaders work in teams. They practise special shouts, dances, and athletic shows. Often the women work separately from the men. But cheerleaders are most exciting when men and women work together. The men throw the women high in the air and catch them. The team members climb on each other's shoulders to make a human pyramid. They yell and dance too. It is like human fireworks. Cheerleaders now have their own contests. Every year there are local, state and national contests for cheerleaders. The best teams make new, faster, and more exciting shows to be the best. And the crowd shouts. They want their cheerleaders to win.

(Introducing the USA, Addison Wesley Longman Limited, 1996)